Instead of using other forms of direct marketing, like telemarketing or flyers, The JB3 Consulting team prefers a classic, personalized approach. Because everything we do is face-to-face with our customers, our marketing and sales team is able to build a long-lasting rapport with them. On a daily basis, our representatives are meeting directly with consumers.

At JB3 Consulting, we believe that people can be natural-born leaders, BUT anyone looking to hold a successful management position should receive intensive training and preparation. With several of our executive team coming from a sports-oriented background, we have created a company philosophy that merit will always be rewarded above tenure, and that all managers in our company (coaches) should at one time have played the game they’re coaching!

We do not offer job openings here at JB3 Consulting; we offer opportunities. Opportunities for self-development, for betterment, for professional advancement – our list could go on and on. 

What we look for in a candidate: